Since 2008 ELTEHS SIA operates in the field of modern LED technology. Right now the world is experiencing a lighting revolution: now available LED light sources, which are alternative to traditional methods of lighting using incandescent lamps. LEDs provide three orders of magnitude greater service life, lower maintenance costs and high efficiency. LEDs are ideal for use in consumer and portable electronics, lighting, advertising, high-reliability and explosion-proof lighting, as well as light sources in the headlamps of vehicles - from bicycles, scooters, quads to modern cars.

ELTEHS SIA represents a family of advanced LED modules of its own design. Modules produced today are based on the latest LED Cree XP-G and XM-L , with efficiency greater than 100lm/W. Depending on the application modules can be fitted with various optics (10/25/35 degrees) and LEDs (cool white, natural white, warm white or color).

Module ELT41: 4 LED XP-G, 1000+ lm, input voltage 5.5...12.8V, efficiency up to 96%, diameter 32 mm, optic CUTE-4-SS

Module ELT31: 3 LEDs XM-L, 2000+ lm, input Voltage 5.5...9 V, efficiency up to 96%, diameter 32 mm, optic CUTE-3-XM

Module ELT32: 3 LEDs XM-L, 2000+ lm, input Voltage 9.5...15V, efficiency up to 95%, diameter 32 mm, optics CUTE-3-XM

Bicycle lights ELT4/ELT3 based on ELT41/ELT31 modules. They have programmable brightness levels, several operating modes and excellent technical parameters at a low price.

One of the brightest in the world MR16 lamp with active cooling designed on the ELT41 and ELT32 modules.