ELTEHS SIA has excellent knowledge of the Eastern European electronic components market, strong partnership relations with large OEM. ELTEHS SIA successfully use distributed database and network technologies. Understanding exSU market peculiarities secure the best finance, transport, logictic and custom problem solutions.

ELTEHS SIA has experienced software and hardware engineering staff, able to support most complex customer requirements in embedded applications.

Recent projects include:

  • wireless full-duplex distributed central alarm security system;
  • dedicated audio/video security system;
  • TV signal encryption and decription technique;
  • secured DES and IDEA based paging system;
  • GSM based car alarm/ vehicle tracking / central alarm system;
  • free air optical links;
  • distributed temperature mesurement system;
  • low-cost programmers family for microcontrollers and memory IC;
  • voice-driven client support system.