ELT41 All-In-One Quad XPG LED engine

  • Quad CREE XP-G R4 Neutral white
  • Luminous output – 1000+ Lm including all losses
  • Voltage range 5.6...12.6V, 2S2P or 3S2P 18650 battery pack recommended
  • Estimated run time at full power from 2S2P pack - about 3 hours, at low mode - till 24 hours
  • MR11 size 32mm diameter MCPCB, fits 16.5mm height LEDIL quad optics
  • 11 deg FWHM with LEDIL CUTE4-SS optics – good throw, similar to popular Regina optics.

The main design idea – provide low-cost high-performance LED engine for popular MR16 enclosure size.

Design include:

  • Optimized high-efficient boost driver with shielded inductor and high switching frequency.
  • Thermal foldback at 90C
  • Low resistance thermal path, large aluminium thermal sink.
  • Low-current momentary switch control.
  • Programmable 2 or 3 modes - low/high or low/high/strobe
  • Programmable low level mode.
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • In-circuit firmware programming connector for easy customization.