Multifunctional Vehicle Tracking & Security System (project MVTS) was launched in August 2005 with the development of AVL controller MVT-12.

From the model MVT-15 (03.2006) main communication protocol for all major channels (GPRS, CSD, SMS, RS232) was established. Since 2006 this protocol does not require changes, but only extends it`s functionality while maintaining compatibility.

During the period from 01.2006 to 01.2011 manufacturers in Russia and Europe had produced more than 4,5 thousand MVT line AVL controllers. Among the users of systems based on MVT controllers division of Severstal and Sberbank of Russia, logistics centers and security firms in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ireland, Czech Republic and Australia.

MVTS project was one of the ELTEHS SIA main activities since its inception (10.2008). During this time was released model MVT-17Lx, forthcoming MVT-17Sx. For the needs of integrators and partners GPRS connection server developed, allowing to implement custom software based only on the standard functions of SQL, without being distracted by specific task context in the networks of GSM. This greatly reduces development time and custom software adjustment and improves the reliability of the final system. A number of large customers (such as Karelsky Okatysh, an online store Technopark ) create own custom shell on the basis of our communication server. Server program allow to build network architectures of any complexity.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Sevzapgeoinform" has created its own software almost exclusively for the line of MVT. MVT models supported in systems such as Wialon (Gurtam, Belarus) and PositionReport (ITS-Soft, Russia), the latter also MVT is positioned as a base model .

The high quality and reliability of the design shows a very small return on warranty claims (approx. 0,3%), despite the presence of three manufacturers and service in a variety of conditions - Karelia, Salekhard, Norilsk, Russia, Kemerovo, and the Amur region, Kazakhstan, Rostov and Astrakhan region, Australia.